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Meet the Team

Mila Perez

Chief Human Resources Officer

Mila Perez has over 25 years of experience in Human Resources, both in functional and general HR leadership positions working next to a business leader as a business partner. She will be responsible for providing strategic HR leadership for the HR function and for partnering with the business to achieve our company’s mission and goals. In collaboration with all the functions, she and the HR team will work towards building the organization as a Great Place to Work in the therapy services space.

In the last 20 years, Mila has held HR leadership positions for large public multinational companies in the pharmaceutical, consumer goods and automotive parts manufacturing industries. She started her HR career in the Philippines and grew into regional and global positions, which brought her and her family to live in Singapore, the Netherlands and since 2012, and the United States. With this diverse cultural and industry background, and in partnership with the executive leadership team, she has helped companies grow their human capital by facilitating a robust culture of transparency, accountability and collaboration, taking the best of practices from the organizations she has worked for.

Mila has a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Psychology from the Ateneo University in Manila and a Master’s Degree in HR and Global Leadership from the City University of New York. She has three grown children, living with their families in different parts of the United States, while she resides in West Lafayette, Indiana with her husband. She enjoys reading, loves to travel and will often test cuisine she discovered in her travels in her own kitchen back home

Mila Perez
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