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Meet the Team

Danielle Box

Chief Executive Officer

Danielle Box was named chief executive officer (CEO) of CHS Therapy’s network in 2018 and has been one of the driving forces behind the company’s strategic and operational success. Prior to becoming CEO of the network, Danielle co-founded and headed CHS Therapy’s largest subsidiary where she was responsible for directing efficient and effective business operations, clinical operations and delivery of an exceptional client experience.

Danielle brings 15+ years of experience and expertise in business development and account management in the long-term care industry. Accomplishing tremendous growth and account retention through multiple acquisitions and mergers throughout her career, she is well known in the industry for client satisfaction and resident care.

A Cum Laude graduate of Ohio University, Danielle remains actively engaged with clients and staff and encourages strategic partnerships, innovation, dedication to patient care and a commitment to service which has inspired a collaborative working environment at CHS Therapy.

Danielle Box
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